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Here at bfmcreates, we like to look after ourselves and the planet! Here are some ways we actively look after the environment.

Kraft Boxes / Bio-Mailers. 

In terms of our packaging, we use recyclable materials wherever possible. We usually opt for our signature pink boxes with personalised Kraft tape. We will keep the packaging as eco-friendly as possible, down to how the products are wrapped.

Compostable & Biodegradable Wrapping

Instead of keeping our wax melts in plastic clamshells, we will remove them and place them in biodegradable+compostable cellophane. We reuse the plastic clamshells when we make each batch of melts. When we use plastic, it is always reused to reduce waste.

Biodegradable 'Plastics' & Bubble Wrap

We try and keep our packaging as paper based as possible, we will never use plastic or bubble wrap in your order, instead we may use paper shreds 'honeycomb' wrap or biodegradable peanuts made out of cornstarch (dissolves in water)

We use biodegradable eco soy wax for all of our melts, as well as biodegradable glitters. 

Plastic may be used in any of our packages, but where it is used, it is up-cycled/reused to reduce waste.