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About The Company

Who are we? Or rather, who am I?

BFMCREATES is a handcrafted beauty, self-care and home fragrance brand ran by myself, Becky-Faye, from Morpeth, UK. I work my 'normal job' alongside this business, while I give it time to grow!

2 years ago I was feeling lost, without a purpose. I was studying Graphic Design & Business at university, and it didn't feel quite fitting, like something was missing. I graduated in 2020 and decided to dive back into my interest for skincare and makeup (or more specifically, there ingredients) which I have had an interest in since I was a teenager. 

I researched more into ingredients, how they worked, what they meant and used the knowledge to create our Lip Hybrids! (with more to come) I decided to expand to scented goods, as I was finding a passion for scents and how they can provoke different moods. I want BFMCREATES to help a range of people find time for themselves in a busy schedule, and that means a range of products for different uses. (more to come)

BFMCREATES is inspired by 'natural' makeup brands (think glossier) and fresh handmade cosmetics (think Lush) along with higher end brands (Fenty), but without the price point. We are inspired by dewy, fresh makeup looks and more 'minimal' brands. The main theme for all of our products will always be, organic, eco friendly, cruelty free and easy to use. 

My intentions are to provide no fuss products that provide benefits to those with busy schedules, for people who need more 'me time' but don't want that to take hours. I believe that a product should be created ethically, always be safe and be accessible, that's why our products are created in small batches, are cruelty free, vegan, organic and packed in a eco conscious manner under safe, hygienic and fair work conditions. 

We hope you love everything BFMCREATES, please contact us if there's anything else you need to know! xoxo