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About The Company

Hello and welcome to BFMCREATES. I'm Becky-Faye (26), a customer service assistant + business/design graduate living in a small town in the UK, with a big dream constantly on my mind. 

I want to give you accessible, clean and cruelty free products centred around promoting positive mental health. Here at BFMCREATES, we know how important it is for you to de-stress after a long day, and our wax melts and lip hybrids are a quick, no fuss way to take time for yourself and treat your skin + mind to some self-love. 



How it started? - from start until now.

Growing up I was interested in makeup and skincare, more-so than any of my peers, and I always had to have a creative outlet. In school, I loved Art - and then studied Graphic Design at university, along with business, which gave me some of the knowledge I use today.

I earned a spot at a Graphic Design firm as an intern but as graduation got closer, Covid-19 Lockdown also happened, which unfortunately meant the firm I worked at ceased trading, and everyone was made redundant. (queue panic) - this means I didn't have a job to go to anymore after graduating. 

But did I let it stop me, and did I let it get me down? Well actually, I did - for 4 whole months to be exact, and then one day, while I was pitying myself in my bedroom, I decided to make a lipgloss using some skincare ingredients I knew worked well, and I loved. This became our Butterscotch Chocolate Lip Hybrid!

And this all happened because I was bored, sad and jobless during lockdown. I literally used the last of the money I had to create a batch and sell it - The feedback I got was amazing, people swear this product heals chapped lips like nothing else.

I realised then I was diving right back into my interest for makeup and skincare and thought 'I always come back to this - I need to do something with it. ' and since then, I've never turned back, and I wanted to share my products and knowledge with you, so you can feel pampered and cared for without worrying about price tags. 

So, as we know from reading the above, I felt very low during lockdown, I felt like I'd lost what I'd worked so hard for - and I wasn't taking care of myself. I know that when you feel these lows, the last thing you want is a long-winded self care routine. That's why mindfulness, self care and self love are at the root of every single product I make, while keeping them easy to use, and fuss free.



What our Commitment is to you

Everything I know about skincare ingredients, skin conditions and home fragrances, I taught myself that from the ground up. Endless nights of dedication and research go into ensuring you get high quality, cruelty free and clean products always. 

My commitment here is to provide you all with affordable, clean, easy to use, cruelty free self care products within the cosmetics and home fragrance sector, We believe you should give the world the best of you, not what's left of you.

I can't wait to show you the new world of accessible, clean, and cruelty free self care, I'm sure you'll start to see things differently! love, Becky Faye xx